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Wolf, small puppet

Dimensions: 2 × 3 × 7 cm

Wolf, small terracotta puppet composed of five jointed pieces decorated by hand (from the Little Red Riding Hood series). Fairy tales have always been, ever since they were handed down verbally from generation to generation, have the very important task of transmitting to the little ones those messages, through which they can begin to distinguish good from evil. In the fairy tale transcribed by both the Frenchman Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, little red riding hood is entrusted with the task of carrying a basket of food to his sick grandmother. She is also advised not to go through the woods, because it is dark and full of pitfalls, but the disobedient child crosses it and as we know she meets the wolf who deceives her and lets herself be led to her grandmother’s house. It will take the swift and timely hunter to save the woman and the girl. The message that the fairy tale wants to pass on has undergone, over the course of history, several interpretations but the one to which everyone refers identifies the contrast between the bright and safe world of the village and the dark and insidious one of the forest.

Wolf, small puppet

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