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Pinocchio, small

Dimensions: 2 × 3 × 7 cm

Pinocchio, a small terracotta puppet made up of five hand-decorated jointed pieces (from the series The Adventures of Pinocchio). The story between the most famous puppet in the world and Florence takes us to the nineteenth century, when the writer Carlo Collodi (pseudonym of the writer Carlo Lorenzini) who lived in the Tuscan capital, wrote in 1881 “The adventures of Pinocchio. Story of a young puppet “. It is in our city that one of the most appreciated pieces of children’s literature ever originated. Here, among these same alleys and streets where the Florentine writer drew inspiration, we with extreme attention, reproduce authentic artifacts to which we dedicate all our passion so that they can express that air of innocence and bravado typical of that age of gold loved by us, the childhood age.

Pinocchio, small

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